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CIGRE UK Webinar Series

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– Wednesday 9th October 2019 from 12.30 to 13.30 –

Active Network Management in LV Networks: a case study in the UK

The widespread deployment of low-carbon technologies can have a severe negative impact on distribution networks. Network reconfiguration and power electronic devices are two approaches that can be used to alleviate some of the problems caused by low-carbon technologies by changing the distribution of the power in these networks. Whilst the first offers limited control due to a reduced number of possible open/close switch commands, the second offers greater flexibility but depends on a more complex control scheme. This study used high-resolution data, obtained from real low-voltage substations and feeders part of the OpenLV project, to evaluate and compare the effectiveness of these two approaches. A set of cases with incremental levels of low-carbon technologies was analysed to determine the long-term performance of both strategies.

Julio Perez Olvera


Julio Perez Olvera is a final year PhD student in the Control & Power group at Imperial College London. His research is focussed on the operation of low-voltage (LV) networks with large volumes of distributed generation and electric vehicles. Particularly, he looks at improving the hosting capacity of such networks using power electronic converters and high-level optimization. As an active participant in the OpenLV project, he also seeks to develop data-driven algorithms that can be used for active network management to automatically reconfigure LV networks. He is a member of CIGRE UK and part of the CIGRE UK NGN steering committee, supporting the communications team.

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This Webinar series is kindly sponsored by Burns & McDonnell


NGN Section Events

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Neilston Substation site visit

Event Details

When: Tuesday 10th September 2019, 09:30 to 15:30

Where: Neilston Substation, Scottish Power Transmission, Neilston, Glasgow

How: See the registration link below

The CIGRE UK NGN invites NGN members and students interested in the power industry, to join them for a trip to the Neilston substation, managed by Scottish Power Transmission (SPT). The site hosts a new hybrid solution combining two technologies, as part of the Phoenix project: Synchronous Condensers and Static Compensators.

These devices will mitigate serious system issues on the GB transmission network as a result of the progressive closure of synchronous generation plants. This event will include presentations from industry and academia and a tour of the substation, with a focus on the final deliverable of SPT’s Phoenix Project. A detailed agenda will be shared with you after registering for the event.


Talk 1

“Application of Superconductor Synchronous Compensator for Power System Applications ”, Dr Min Zhang, Reader, University of Strathclyde

Talk 2

“Role of CCGT in Frequency Regulation in Future Power Systems”, Antony Cooke, Automation Engineer, South Humber Bank Power Station

Talk 3

“Distributed ReStart”, Callum Dell, Graduate Consultant, TNEI

To register for the event click HERE 

“Please note that due to safety rules, a maximum of 12 attendees can take part in the substation visit. You will be told whether or not you are allocated a place soon after registration”