NGN Events


The CIGRE UK NGN organises a number of events for its members throughout the year.  At Technical Events, you can find out about the latest power system developments and network with your peers; at the monthly Steering Committee conference calls, the committee members organise the NGN; while the Annual General Meeting (AGM) combines these two and gives an opportunity for the members to direct the NGN’s future.  Our previous events can be found below.

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As well as the Paris Session, CIGRE UK hosts a number of events that NGN members can attend.  Please also check the UK National Committee events page for other events that may be of interest to NGN members. If you have an idea for an NGN event, or would like to host one, please let us know by emailing

To hear about our next events make sure to join our LinkedIn page here, follow us on Twitter @CIGREUKNGN and suscribe to the newsletter.

Join the NGN or CIGRE UK:

To join the NGN please fill out the application form at this link and to join CIGRE UK (as a non-NGN member) please go to this link.