The NGN is part of CIGRE’s UK National Committee, and exists to develop the next generation of professional engineers in the power industry.

To the non-member (and even to some members), the CIGRE organisation can appear complex and exclusive. To the inexperienced engineer starting out in the power industry, becoming involved with such a prestigious organisation can appear difficult and daunting.

In order to overcome these barriers that seem to be in place for new engineers, the Next Generation Network (NGN) has been established by CIGRE in the UK in order to ensure that everyone’s opinions and views are heard, to bring a fresh look to an ever ageing industry and more importantly, so inexperienced engineers can learn from the many experts within the industry.

That is, the NGN (with members who will no doubt form part of the future CIGRE organisation) will provide the next generation of engineers to lead and to be at the forefront of the power industry in the 21st Century and beyond.

For those wanting to get involved within CIGRE and the NGN, this website will hopefully explain the process and the opportunities available to their members.

For those interested in CIGRE UK NGN, this website will explain the benefits, the process of joining and the opportunities available to its members.

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