Past Monthly Technical Webinars

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CIGRE UK April 2022 Technical Webinar – Asset Management and Environmental Benefits of Switchgear Refurbishment and its potential role in Net Zero

Presenter: Matthew Iles

CIGRE UK March 2022 Technical Webinar – The Development of Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure in the UK

Presenter: Dr Jianing Li

CIGRE UK February 2022 Technical Webinar – Advanced Monitoring of Overhead Line Distribution Networks

Presenters: Steven Pinkerton-Clark & Ben Brewen

CIGRE UK December 2021 Technical Webinar – The Role of the Power Sector on the Path to Global Carbon Neutrality by 2050

Presenter: Enrique Gutierrez

CIGRE UK October 2021 Technical Webinar – Frequency Response Analysis (FRA) for Transformer Winding Deformation and Movement: from Measurement to Diagnosis

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Presenters: Dr Dahlina Sofian & Rafal Zaleski

CIGRE UK September 2021 Technical Webinar – System HILP Event Demand Disconnection (SHEDD) Project

Presenter: Dr Abdullah Emhemed

CIGRE UK July 2021 Technical Webinar – HV Cable PD Monitoring – identifying faults before they become failures

Presenters: Dave A Roberts, Ramiz Ahmed, Evgeniya Kalinnikova, Stuart Aird

CIGRE UK June 2021 Technical Webinar – Capabilities and Requirements Definition for Power Electronics Based Technology for Secure and Efficient System Operation and Control

Presenter: Dr Chris Smith & Dr Yunjie Gu

CIGRE UK May 2021 Technical Webinar – CLASS: Enabling Customers to Solve System Challenges

Presenter: Steve Cox

CIGRE UK April 2021 Technical Webinar – Cybersecurity and the Resilience of Power System Substations

Presenter: Dr. Daniel Texidor Dantas

CIGRE UK March 2021 Technical Webinar – Are Electricity Substations Net Zero Carbon Ready

Presenter: Mark Osborne

CIGRE UK February 2021 Technical Webinar – Optimising subsea cable sizing: through improved modelling

Presenter: Dr James Pilgrim

CIGRE UK January 2021 Technical Webinar – Power System Developments for a Net Zero Future

Presenter: Dr Charlotte Higgins

CIGRE UK December 2020 Technical Webinar – New Constraint Management Techniques for Meshed Transmission and Active Distribution Networks

Presenters: Robin MacLaren, Pablo A. Ruiz & Jay Caspary

CIGRE UK November 2020 Technical Webinar – Western Power Distributions’s Primary Network Power Quality Analysis (PNPQA) Project interim Findings

Presenter: Dr James King

CIGRE UK October 2020 Technical Webinar – Optimising Power Transmission and Distribution from the Sky to the Sea

Presenters: Al Aqil, Asif Khan & Jingyi Wan

CIGRE UK September 2020 Technical Webinar – Coordination of Transmission and Distribution data exchanges for renewables integration in the European marketplace through Advanced, Scalable, Secure ICT Systems and Tools (TDX-ASSIST)

Presenters: Ioana Pisica & Mohammed Radi

CIGRE UK August 2020 Technical WebinarMVDC Grid Feasibility within Distribution Networks

Presenter: Dr Samuel Jupe

CIGRE UK July 2020 Technical Webinar – Considerations for Development and Integration of HVDC in GB

Presenters: Ian Cowan & Oluwole Daniel Adeuyi

CIGRE UK June 2020 Technical Webinar – TF-77 : AC Fault Response Options for VSC HVDC Convertors

Presenter: Carl Barker

CIGRE UK May 2020 Technical Webinar – Floating Offshore Wind

Presenter: Gavin Smart

CIGRE UK April 2020 Technical Webinar – Alternatives to SF6 gas for high voltage switchgear applications; A Grid owner’s perspective

Presenters: Mark Waldron & Adam Green

CIGRE UK March 2020 Technical Webinar – Power Potential Trials: a new ESO reactive power service from DERs in DNO networks

Presenters: Charlotte Grant, Richard Andrews, Inma Martinez Sanz & Dr Biljana Stojkovska

CIGRE UK February 2020 Technical Webinar – Rail Electrification and Effects on the Electricity Networks – Focus on AC Traction

Presenter: Craig McGlone

CIGRE UK January 2020 Technical Webinar – Investigation and Modelling of Fast Frequency Phenomena (F2P)

Presenters: Dr Martin E. Bradley & Peter Imris