Join NGN

Why Join?

If you are a young engineer or student currently pursuing a qualification in the power industry, CIGRE UK NGN offers you the chance to increase your knowledge, network within the industry and further your career in the power system of today and tomorrow.

A great first step towards full CIGRE membership, CIGRE UK NGN offers you the chance to attend industry events, listen to lectures on technical papers and present your own research if you wish, among other benefits.

It’s easy to apply and at least the first 3 years membership is free. You are also encouraged to get involved in all areas of the NGN including the CIGRE Session held every two years in Paris.

Who Can Join?

UK-based students and graduates can apply to become a CIGRE UK NGN Member. If you are a full-time student on a degree-level course, you should apply to be a Student Member of the NGN. If you are a young professionals in industry and academia, a part-time MSc student currently working in industry or part-time PhD student, you should apply to be a non-Student Member.

You will be registered as either a Student or an Individual Member (with an associated CIGRE number) with the CIGRE Central Office in Paris via the UK National Committee. You must be based in the UK.

Student Membership is free for the duration of a full-time course. For non-Student Members, you will be eligible to receive a subsidy from the UK National Committee meaning your Individual Membership of CIGRE can be free for the first three years. However, you are actively encouraged to participate by attending NGN technical events and seminars. Involvement in CIGRE’s Working Groups and writing technical articles is also encouraged but is not a requirement of your membership. Inactive members may forfeit subsidised membership at the discretion of the NGN Chair.

How to Join?

To join the NGN, simply complete the membership application form. Any queries please contact

If you would like to get involved as a member of the committee or as a volunteer please take a look at our vacancies page.

Please note that membership applications are processed in batches and have to be coordinated with CIGRE’s Central Office in Paris, so could take 2-3 months.

The CIGRE membership year runs from January to December, so in order to maximise the use of subsidised Individual Memberships, any non-Student application received in the latter part of a year (following May) is put on hold and will then registered for Individual Membership in the following year.