CIGRE UK National Committee


  • Adam Middleton (Chair)
  • Mark Waldron (Vice Chair)
  • John Finn (Secretary)
  • Amy Neave (Finance Controller)

Heads of Working Groups, Committees & Special Sections:

  • Martin Ansell (Events/Marketing)
  • Darren Jones (Membership)
  • Chris Jones (Nominations)
  • Tim Miles (Marketing/Communications)
  • Biljana Stojkovska (Women in Engineering Section)
  • Mark Waldron (Finance)
  • Jingyi Wan (Next Generation Network Section)
  • Xiaoyao Zhou (Technical Committee)

Other members:

  • Andre Canelhas
  • Jonathan Chapman
  • Andrew Dodds
  • Zia Emin
  • Xiaolong Hu
  • Steve Jones
  • Chris Kimmett
  • Mark Pilling
  • Colin Ray
  • Simon Ryder
  • Roman Svoma
  • Aijuan Wang
  • Peter Watson
  • Leigh Williams
  • David Wright
  • John Wright
  • Tony Zymelka

CIGRE Study Committees

CIGRE UK Elected Regular Members

A1 Rotating Electrical Machines Steve Mitchell


A2 Power Transformers

and Reactors

David Walker

Scottish Power

A3 Transmission and

Distribution Equipment

John Casey

Fourrmula Limited

B1 Insulated Cables Roman Svoma

PowerSure Technology Ltd

B2 Overhead Lines Martin Queen

Cornerstone, OFGEM

B3 Substations and

Electrical Installations

Mark Osborne

National Grid

B4 DC Systems and Power Electronics Carl Barker*


B4 DC Systems and Power Electronics

Additional Member

James Yu

Scottish Power Energy Networks

B5 Protection and Automation Ray Zhang

National Grid

C1 Power System Development and Economics Charlotte Higgins

TNEI Services Ltd

C2 Power System Operation and Control Ronan Jamieson

National Grid ESO

C3 Power System Environmental Performance Josie Turner

National Grid

C4 System Technical Performance Leong Koo

National Grid

C5 Electricity Markets and Regulation Mayure Daby


C6 Active Distribution Systems and Distributed Energy Resources Samuel Jupe


D1 Materials and Emerging Test Techniques Simon Sutton


D2 Information Systems and Telecommunications Gareth Taylor

Brunel University