The aim of the United Kingdom National Committee (CIGRE UK) is to further the interests of the CIGRE in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.  It is recognised by the Administrative Council of CIGRE as a National Committee under Article 16 of the CIGRE Statutes.

CIGRE UK National Committee 

Adam Middleton

Adam Middleton (Chair)

Starting in April 2019, Adam took over as Senior Vice President of the new Gas and Power Operating Company of Siemens in the Netherlands, integrating eight business units in anticipation of the flotation of the Gas and Power company in September 2020. He transitioned from Managing Director, Gas and Power to become the CEO of the newly formed Siemens Energy company in The Netherlands from March 2020.

Prior to this, Adam led the Energy Management activities of Siemens in Belgium, France and French-speaking Africa. Adam led Laing O’Rourke’s Power and Energy activities, including development of its position within the nuclear generation segment. Adam was a member of the UK Government Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) Nuclear Industry Council and led the work on cost reduction in the design and construction of new nuclear power generation infrastructure.  Prior to this, Adam has held a number of global executive management positions within the Power, Energy and Oil & Gas segments with major corporations including General Electric (GE), ALSTOM, AREVA and CG Holdings, based in Europe and North America.

Adam is a member of CIGRE and sits on its International Administrative Council.  Adam holds the role of Chair of CIGRE UK (2016-2020) and sits on the Conseil D’Administration of CIGRE National Committee France (CNF).  His particular focus has been around the development of young engineers within the electrical supply industry with the creation of the CIGRE Next Generation Network (NGN) in 2007, and the creation and support of the CIGRE Women In Engineering/Women’s Network in 2016 for the attraction and active development of a more diverse population within the industry.

Mark Waldron

Mark Waldron (Vice Chair)

Mark Waldron is a graduate in Electrical Engineering who has been employed by National Grid Electricity Transmission (NGET) & its predecessors since 1988. Through his career, he has been involved in many aspects of lifetime management of switchgear and substation equipment, including research and development, specification, assessment, maintenance & monitoring, condition assessment, and end-of-life management. He is presently NGET’s Substation Technical Lead (technical authority) responsible for strategic technical direction encompassing technology, policy, standards, specifications, codes and legislation. He presently has a particular interest in the development of alternatives to SF6 for use in HV equipment.

He has been active in CIGRE and IEC for almost 30 years. CIGRE experience and achievements include Chairing Study Committee A3 (High Voltage Equipment), Chairing the Technical Council (TC), membership of the Steering Committee, co-chairing the Joint IEC-CIGRE Co-ordination Group for UHV Standardisation and representing CIGRE on IEC Advisory Committee for Transmission & Distribution (ACTAD) and IEC Standardisation Management Board (SMB). His term of office as TC Chair saw significant progress in CIGRE initiatives such as the Next Generation Network, Women in Engineering and CIGRE’s end-to-end approach to power systems.

He is an honorary member of CIGRE and in 2020 received the CIGRE medal.

He remains active within CIGRE and IEC working groups and is presently the Chair of IEC Sub-Committee 17A, High Voltage Switching Devices.

John Finn

John Finn (Secretary)

John Finn worked initially in the Electricity Supply industry in the UK in protection, operation and maintenance and system studies. He then joined private industry working with contractors on power station and substation projects in the UK and overseas at voltages up to 500kV and as diverse as the initial 400kV supergrid for China Light and Power to project managing the power supplies for the Channel Tunnel between England and France. In his role as an in-house engineering consultant with Siemens in the UK he was involved in developing the onshore and offshore substation designs associated with offshore wind farms. He has been involved in CIGRE as Area Advisor on Substation concepts from 2002 to 2006 and convenor of working groups on “standardisation and innovation” and “guidelines for offshore substations”. He received the Technical Committee award for contributions to Study Committee B3 in 2006 and the Distinguished Member award in 2008. He was the coordinating author for the CIGRE Green Book on Substations and is currently Secretary for the UK National Committee of CIGRE.

Charlotte photo CIGRE

Charlotte Robinson (Finance Controller)

Charlotte has been the Financial Controller for CIGRE UK since October 2021. Charlotte is responsible for the preparation of the annual budget, financial reporting and presentation of financial reports to the executive. Charlotte is also responsible for the management of the bank accounts, preparation of the annual accounts and management of our tax affairs including preparation of VAT returns.

Charlotte studied BEng (Hons) Chemical Engineering at the University of Edinburgh and is currently working towards becoming a charted management accountant. Charlotte joined the National Grid Finance Graduate scheme in 2019 and has worked in various roles since, including working in Commercial Property Finance and Group Management Reporting.

Heads of Working Groups, Committees & Special Sections:

  • Martin Ansell (Events/Marketing)
  • Jonathan Chapman (Finance Committee)
  • Chris Jones (Nominations)
  • Darren Jones (Membership Working Group)
  • Chris Kimmett (Diversity & Inclusivity Champion)
  • Tim Miles (Marketing & Communications Working Group)
  • Biljana Stojkovska (Women in Energy Section)
  • Ray Zhang (Technical Committee)
  • Yue Zhou (Next Generation Network Section)

Other members:

  • Andre Canelhas
  • Andrew Dodds
  • Zia Emin
  • Xiaolong Hu
  • Mark Pilling
  • Colin Ray
  • Simon Ryder
  • Roman Svoma
  • Jingyi Wan
  • Peter Watson
  • Leigh Williams
  • John Wright
  • Tony Zymelka

CIGRE Study Committees

CIGRE UK Elected Regular Members

A1 Rotating Electrical Machines Steve Mitchell
A2 Power Transformers and Reactors Zhongdong Wang & Elizabeth Mackenzie (additional member)
A3 Transmission and Distribution Equipment Jonathan Hennah
B1 Insulated Cables James Pilgrim
B2 Overhead Lines Konstantinos Kopsida
B3 Substations and Electrical Installations Mark Osborne
B4 DC Systems and Power Electronics Dechao Kong
B4 DC Systems and Power Electronics James Yu
B5 Protection and Automation John Wright
C1 Power System Development and Economics Charlotte Higgins
C2 Power System Operation and Control Ronan Jamieson
C3 Power System Environmental Performance Josie Turner
C4 System Technical Performance Spyros Karamitsos
C5 Electricity Markets and Regulation Tahir Ramzan
C6 Active Distribution Systems and Distributed Energy Resources Samuel Jupe
D1 Materials and Emerging Test Techniques Simon Sutton
D2 Information Systems and Telecommunications Gareth Taylor