NGN Committee Purpose & Function

The purpose of the NGN Committee is to:

  • Ensure that the interests of new members are represented within CIGRE UK, both for their own benefit and for the future sustainability of CIGRE.
  • Help young professional engineers to get involved with CIGRE.
  • Provide the opportunity for personal development.

The scope & function of the NGN Committee is:

  • To help NGN members understand the benefits of joining CIGRE.
  • To inform NGN members of Working Group opportunities.
  • To encourage active membership of CIGRE UK NGN both for the benefit of NGN members and the NGN group. Activities can reflect the needs of the NGN Members.
  • To organise and promote activities such as technical visits, lectures and meetings.
  • To assist in raising funds to meet the costs of CIGRE UK NGN and its activities.
  • To organise appropriate CIGRE UK NGN social activities.
  • To initialise and contribute to the NGN section of Electra (CIGRE’s bi-monthly journal).
  • To report to the CIGRE UK Executive Committee on an annual basis.
  • To help with the organisation of the biennial CIGRE Session in Paris.
  • To liaise with and help set up international CIGRE young member groups.
  • To help organise special events at the biennial Paris Session and to liaise with other similar groups in other national committees.
  • To prepare and maintain a CIGRE UK NGN web presence.
  • To produce monthly NGN newsletters.