Benefits of Membership

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There are many benefits in belonging to and participating within the world of CIGRE.  Our members tell us that there are nine major benefits that stand out.  For individual professionals, collective members and their wider organisations each benefit is enabled and substantiated by the CIGRE organisation, programme and outcomes it delivers.

The Nine Benefits of Membership

1. Be prepared for the future

CIGRE’s unique structure and approach plugs members in to a future focused industry perspective simply not accessible from within a single organisation.

– CIGRE’s knowledge programme is derived from the latest collaborative expertise of thousands of industry professionals.

– CIGRE draws all this together into a strategy firmly focused on addressing the key issues, challenges and trends of the power system of today and tomorrow.

– CIGRE’s Technical Council channels the strategy into a comprehensive, pragmatic, constantly evolving technical programme of work.

– Using state of the art technology and techniques, CIGRE Working Groups systematically develop the workable, on the ground solutions the industry needs to succeed.

2. Learn from real world experiences, lessons and successes

As a collaborative, global community of pragmatic professionals, CIGRE members share best practice, technical expertise and solutions, openly and inclusively discussing and debating their real-world experiences, lessons and successes.  By connecting and learning in this way they save time and money and reduce risk.

3. Inform your decisions with diverse perspectives from every corner of the globe

To make optimal power system decisions at home it is essential to take a world view about approaches to the environment, legislation, regulation, technologies and markets.  CIGRE’s unique global network of practitioners allows experts to be deliberately selected to ensure a wide geographical representation.  Each Working Group usually has experts from each continent, not just Europe or USA.

4. Solve local challenges

At the heart of CIGRE are its 59 National Committees (NCs) spanning over 90 countries.  NCs are on the ground, local volunteer driven organisations.  They implement CIGRE’s global strategic and technical plans to develop solutions to power system challenges.  The solutions are shared across CIGRE’s global network, but ultimately applied locally.

NCs are where you’ll find the most motivated, knowledgeable power system professionals in your local industry. CIGRE gives you access to them and therefore the greatest opportunity to solve your local challenges, whether they be known or emerging.

5. Source the most authoritative reference information

Like the organisation itself, CIGRE publications stand alone as an authoritative technical source of power system knowledge and real-world solutions.  The continuously growing body of thousands of CIGRE publications available at is consistent in its unbiased, rigorous, pragmatic, applied nature.  Around the world power industry professionals use CIGRE publications to inform their planning, decision making, product, service and solution development.

6. Get unbiased facts

Another unique aspect about CIGRE is its not for profit, volunteer based, global make up.  CIGRE’s fact-based approach is completely unbiased, vendor neutral and open to inclusive, frank discussion and debate about any issues, trends and challenges facing the power industry.  There are no hidden agendas at CIGRE.

7. Gain access to world leading experts

The calibre of CIGRE members is very high.  Key CIGRE positions are filled by top technical people who have built their expertise over many years of power system experience, often internationally recognised by senior peers as world leaders.  This applies at all levels of CIGRE, from Working Group members to Study Committee and Technical Committee chairs.

The Technical Council is peer elected to the level of leadership in their particular domain, thereby forming a group of experienced experts covering all aspects of power delivery.

Access CIGRE experts as your peers in inclusive, collegial situations, learning from them at a nominal cost.

8. Grow your skills

Grow your individual and organisational skills through CIGRE’s unique peer to peer environment and broad training and educational opportunities.

Professional team development is made easy through CIGRE participation, particularly relevant for smaller or isolated organisations, who can’t easily access a peer to peer relationship.

9. Connect with your industry in a technical setting

Grow your individual and organisational network, profile and influence by participating at CIGRE events, on Working Groups and by writing and revising of reports and brochures.

Transmission and distribution utility professionals can connect with product and consulting firms and learn their innovations in a non-commercial environment where the technical side is their focus.


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