UK Technical Committee



UK Technical Committee Report for 2020

The attached document was submitted at the CIGRE UK AGM and provides information about the activities of the UK Regular Member in relation to a specific Study Committee and associated Working Groups over the previous 12 months.

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UK Technical Panels

The purpose of the UK Technical Panels is to achieve the core values of CIGRE, which are:

  • Actively build a community of UK experts
  • Facilitate effective knowledge sharing
  • Foster and mentor the next generation of engineers
  • Deliver value for our member organisations through the creation of enhanced solutions optimised for UK conditions and our market environment
  • Contribute to the community through assisting with engagement during the development of the network and by promoting safety

These are some of the study committees where you can get involved. 

B5 – Protection and Automation

B4 – HVDC and Power Electronics C1 – System Development & Economics

C2 – System Operation and Control

C6 – Distributed Systems & Telecommunication

If you wish to join a CIGRE Technical Panel or just learn more email