NGN Team

The NGN is run by a dedicated team of elected and volunteer members (please check the Vacancies page if you would like to get involved). Team meetings are held every month via teleconference and the team meets every year at the CIGRE UK AGM. Both options are open to any other NGN member who may be interested.

NGN Organisation Chart


Organisation chart of the NGN

NGN Team Members



Xiaolong Hu

Previous Chairs were Jonathan Halliday (2007-2009), Beatrice Chong (2009-2011), Aruna Gunatilake (2011-2013), James King (2013-2015) and Stefie Cray (2015-2017).

Vice Chair

Jennifer McCartney

Previous Vice Chairs were Maria Brucoli (2007-2009), Aruna Gunatilake (2009-2011), Angela Rotheram (2011-2012), James King (2012-2013), Tianning Xu (2013-2014), Stefie Cray (2014-2015), Supipi Weerasinghe (2015-2016), Xiaolong Hu (2016-2017), Shengji Tee (2017-2018).

Secretary / Treasurer

Jingyi Wan

  • Organisation: JDR Cable Systems


Phillip Paradine – Communications Lead

Previous Communications Officers were James King (2011-2012), Peter Roddis (2012-2013), Nathaniel Cowton (2013-2015), Tom Haslam (2015-2016), Jennifer McCartney (2017-2018).

Andrew Craig – Communications Assistant

  • Organisation: National Grid

Julio Perez Olvera – Communications Assistant/Webmaster

  • Organisation: Imperial College London

Matthew Cumming – Marketing Lead

  • Organisation: National Grid


Sheng Ji Tee – Membership Lead

James Hill – Membership Coordinator

  • Organisation: The University of Manchester

Zongwen Yan – Membership Coordinator

  • Organisation: The University of Manchester

Stefie Cray – International Liaison

  • Organisation: MTU

Mike Holmes – Institution Liaison

  • Organisation: UK Power Network


Diptargha Chakravorty – Events Lead

Vacancy – Events Coordinator Support

Technical Team

Qiteng Hong – Technical Lead

  • Organisation: The University of Strathclyde

Max McFarlane – Technical Support

  • Organisation: TNEI