Working Group Opportunities

If you are interesting in volunteering to participate in any of the working Groups listed below, please email indicating which topic that you are interested in.  You will be then contacted to advise you if the opportunity is still available, what the commitment involves and how to proceed.  We are normally looking for the involvement of one UK subject matter expert and a UK NGN member to serve on a Working Group.


Study Committee C5: Regular Member – Tahir Ramzan

TOR-WG C5.33_Trading electricity with blockchain systems

posted on 3rd November 2020


Study Committee B5: Regular Member – John Wright

TOR-WG B5.74_Busbar protection considerations when using IEC 61850 process bus

posted on 3rd November 2020


Study Committee A1: UK Regular Member – Steve Mitchell

TOR-WG A1.71_Survey on damper-winding concepts and its operational experience on hydro generators and motor-generators

TOR-WG A1.72_Survey on Generator and Motor multi-turn coils with dedicated turn insulation versus coils without dedicated turn insulation

posted on 26th October 2020


Study Committee B2: UK Regular Member – Konstantinos Kopsidas

TOR-WG B2.82_Overhead Line Foundations for Difficult Soil and Geological Conditions

posted on 22nd October 2020


Study Committee B4: UK Regular Member – Dechao Kong

TOR-WG B4.92_STATCOMs at Distribution Voltages

posted on 20th October 2020


Study Committee C6: Regular Member – Samuel Jupe

TOR-WG C6.41_Technologies for Electrical Railway Distribution Supply Systems

TOR-WG C6.42_Electric Transportation Energy Supply Systems

posted on 13th October 2020


Study Committee B4: Regular Member – Decao Kong

TOR-WG B4.91_Power electronics-based transformer technology, design, grid integration and services provision to the distribution grid

posted on 12th October 2020


Study Committee B4: Regular Member – Decao Kong

TOR-WG B4.90_Operation and Maintenance of HVDC and FACTS Facilities

TOR-WG B4.89 _Condition Health Monitoring and predictive maintenance of HVDC Converter Stations

posted on 8th October 2020