NGN Upcoming events

CIGRE UK NGN Upcoming Events:

The CIGRE UK NGN organises several events for its members throughout the year, such as technical presentations, site visits and workshops. At Technical Events, you can find out about the latest power system developments and network with your peers. The NGN Steering Committee holds monthly conference calls to organise upcoming events and discuss new ideas for supporting the development of its members. Finally, the Annual General Meeting (AGM) combines these two and gives an opportunity for the members to elect new candidates for the Steering Committee roles and direct the NGN’s future.

To hear about our next events make sure to join our LinkedIn group page here, follow us on Twitter @CIGREUKNGN and suscribe to the newsletterPlease also check the UK National Committee events page for other events that may be of interest to NGN members.

Career Management and Grid Modernization Workshop With a relaunch of the CIGRE UK Young Members Mentoring Program

CIGRE UK NGN was established to connect younger generations with senior generations. To ensure that everyone’s opinions and views are heard. We bring a fresh look to an ageing industry and more importantly, to give inexperienced engineers opportunities to learn from experts within the industry.

We invited John D. McDonald, P.E., the CIGRE US NC VP, an IEEE Life Fellow and CIGRE Distinguished member, from GE Grid Solutions and Renewable Energy, to deliver two talks. John will introduce how to manage a career first, based on his 46 years of experience in the electric utility, transmission and distribution industry. Then, he will give another talk about “Grid Modernisation”. This webinar will focus on the technological advancement beyond Smart Grid.

At the same time, CIGRE UK NGN will also reintroduce one of its most important activities, the CIGRE UK NGN Mentoring Program. This is a fantastic opportunity for the mentees to get involved in CIGRE and obtain career development suggestions from senior experienced members in the industry.

Time: Wednesday, 12 August 2020, 2:00-5.00 PM (UK time)

Platform: Microsoft Teams Live


Global and UK Energy Challenges and Opportunities for Young Members

Decarbonisation and the current pandemic has created challenges to power industry, but they have also created opportunities. Here in the UK, the carbon intensity of the electricity system has halved over the last five years. We have seen the longest period of coal-free operation in Britain (67 days) and an impressive 83.77% share of zero carbon sources on June 21. These are underpinned by new technologies and more intelligent ways of using energy to tackle the challenges that decarbonisation brings. These are the exciting areas where young engineers and professionals can get involve and contribute to the global effort of decarbonisation.

We are excited and honoured to have the President of CIGRE and the Chair of CIGRE UK to share their insights.

The topics/speakers are:

  • ‘Electricity Supply Systems of the Future – Challenges and Opportunities’ by Rob Stephen, President of CIGRE
  • ‘Energy Transition, Decarbonization and the Impact of COVID-19 on Our Industry and Implications for Our Next Generation Engineers’ by Adam Middleton, Chair of CIGRE UK, CEO of Siemens Energy B.V.

This event is organised by CIGRE UK NGN and will be hosted by the University of Birmingham. It is also the first webinar of the Birmingham Power Systems Young Professional Seminar Series. The series will invite leading experts worldwide to share their technical expertise and career advice with young professionals in the energy sector. It provides a platform for young professionals to learn and engage with peers around the globe.

Time: Wednesday 19th August, 2020 02:00 PM (UK time)

Platform: Zoom/Youtube


Contingency Plan

It is becoming apparent that we may face a national and international COVID-19 (coronavirus) crisis over the coming weeks and months. Given that this is unprecedented, there is very little certainty on offer. The CIGRE UK NGN committee has therefore decided to postpone the following two events until further notice.

  1. GE Strafford Transformer Site Visit – Grid of Future (Stafford, Wed, 29 April 2020)

This event, organised by CIGRE UK NGN will take you to the GE Stafford transformer site. The first half of the event will be three talks from industry on related topics and a factory tour in the afternoon.

  1. Big Bang Bucks STEM event (Aylesbury, 25th June 2020)

To inspire primary and secondary school pupils around Buckinghamshire (10-14 years old) in STEM subjects and give them the opportunity to attend a range of STEM workshops, science shows and participate in an interactive STEM fair.

For more details, please visit:

The overall aim of our plan is to engage our members through different events in the next few months, albeit in different ways, e.g. online streaming, and at a different pace to our normal provision. We recognise this is not ideal, and that we may have to put in place further mitigations later in the calendar year once normal activity can resume.