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  • 15th November 2021
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Energy Technology Perspectives 2020 Report IEA Sep-20 The report maps out the technologies needed to tackle emissions in all parts of the energy sector and key soyurces of emissions. 4
Vehicle-to-Grid GB: Decarbonising Britain Report Energy Systems Catapult Oct-19 Project report into how to enable vehicle to grid technology to support more power on the UK grid. 2
Unlocking Net Zero through the UK’s energy networks webpage Electricity Networks Association Live Britain’s energy networks have a leading role to play, by connecting greater levels of renewable energy and providing the infrastructure and technology we need to cut carbon emissions in areas such as heat and transport. 5
Net-zero emissions energy systems Article Science Magazine Jun-18 touches on a few ways electricity grids will need to change (physically and operationally) to accommodate a move towards renewable generation and electricity storage 4
Tracking Carbon Emissions in the US Electricity System Report National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 12/2/2019 Carbon Emissions are calculated in each region of the US using the economic input – output model. Data ranges from 2016-2019, but could be relevant for tracking over the past 5 years. 3
Powering a net-zero emissions future
Transforming the grid to accelerate the energy transition
Article enel 15/06/2021 Very brief article but it touches on grid infrastructure and the direct path emerging markets can take. 3
Towards Fossil-Free Energy in 2050 Report Element Energy Mar-19  A study examining how zero-carbon energy systems can function in Europe. Includes sections on flexibility and invesment in electricity infrastucture. 3
Open Networks Webpage ENA Live  Ongoing project exploring how to enable a smart, flexible system that connects large amounts of renewables in the UK. 5