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  • 15th November 2021
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Title Media Type Media Source Date published Link/File Short Description Relevancy Rating: (1-5)
Net Zero by 2050: A Roadmap for the Global Energy Sector Special Report IEA May-21 Report setting out the pathway for transition to a net zero energy system by 2050, highlighting the key milestones for technologies, infrastructure, investment and policy that are needed. 4
Net Zero: A systems perspective
on the climate challenge
Report National Engineering Policy Centre and Royal Academy of Engineering Jan-20 This paper introduces the National Engineering Policy Centre’s (NEPC) project on decarbonisation, which will explore systems implications of the transition to net zero and offer advice to government and other stakeholders to support urgent and difficult decisions. 4
Innovating to Net Zero Report Energy Systems Catapult Jul-20 The Innovating to Net Zero report modelled 100s of potential pathways to 2050 to understand the combinations, interactions and trade-offs of competing decarbonisation approaches 3
Energy System Digital Twin Feasibility Study Report Energy Systems Catapult Jun-21 The report provides outlines some key areas where Digital Twins could be applied within the energy sector, including a brief review of various Digital Twin initiatives, programmes toolkits and potential use-cases. 3
Offshore energy infrastructure landscaping – UK and neighbouring waters Report IET Mar-21 This report looks at the need for a more integrated approach for the deployment of offshore networks, as a key infrastructure enabler for net-zero 3
Engineering priorities for delivering net-zero Report IET Sep-19 The paper sets out the engineering priorities to achieve the UK’s net-zero target. These priorities are divided across Transport, Systems and Infrastructure, Sustainable Manufacturing, Efficiency and Heat and Generation and Storage. 3
Future Power Systems Architecture Reports IET and ESC Sep-19 The Future Power Systems Architecture (FPSA) programme takes a whole system approach – considering the traditional power system together with the installations, appliances and devices on the customers’ side of the meter – and how it interacts with other energy vectors such as transport and heat. 5
Future Energy Scenarios 2021 Study NGESO Jul-21 FES 2021 develops four different credible energy pathways and the impact on the electrical infrsatructure to accommodate them. 4
NIC Net Zero Report Report identifying UK investment infrastructure investment to support net zero. 3
Towards 100% Renewable Energy Pathways: Key Research Needs Report ESIG Oct-19 Summary of experts around the globe participating in a workshop to identify technological and economic integration challenges of transforming the electricity system to 100% renewable. 4
Smart Digital Grids Are The Bloodline Of The Net-Zero World – We Need To Treat Them As Such Article Forbes Jul-21–we-need-to-treat-them-as-such/?sh=36a9acb09748 A short article describing the importance of power systems in our transition to net zero 5
How to Avoid a Climate Disaster Book Bill Gates 16/02/2021 Broad coverage of effort it will take to push back against climate change. Brings up the importance of digitalizing the power grid. 4
Electric Power Grid Modernization Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities Paper Nov-17 Touches on the reimagination of the grid build to meet evolving demands. 4
How can utilities meet net-zero emissions? Article Renewable Energy World 3.4.20 Focuses on the considerations utilities should embrace for the integration of renewable generation assets and design alterations 3