CIGRE UK NGN Training Session| Substation Fundamentals: Secondary Systems | 12th March, GE Stafford

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  • 6th February 2024
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About this event

Join us on Tuesday 12th March 2024 for a full day of substation secondary system training based on modules from CIGRE’s recently published Green Book, kindly hosted at GE Stafford.

The event will include visits to GE’s customer experience centre for a tour of protection and control products and solutions through the ages. GE`s Grid Automation facility in Stafford: designs, manufactures and services GE`s Grid Automation Portfolio. These products and solutions are an integral part of GE’s digital substation, the heart of the digital grid.

Please note, this event is only available to CIGRE UK Collective and Individual Members (including NGN & Students) . If you are a Collective Member please register with your company email and if you are an Individual Member please provide your CIGRE membership number, when signing up for the event. There is a small charge to attend to cover catering cost.

This event is limited to 40 people and it is expected to be in high demand. Due to this registration is set to open on Thursday 8th February at 12.00 noon GMT and will be avalible on a first come basis.

Module overview:

Secondary Systems Module 1

This module begins by defining secondary systems and looking generally at the environmental, operation and maintenance, economic and ergonomic requirements and electromagnetic compatibility. The first systems considered are the LVAC and DC auxiliary supply systems. The source and performance requirements for the LVAC and the battery type and performance requirements for the DC system are presented. Next, the role of the protection system and the methods of detecting faults are explained. The different types of protection used for overhead lines, transformers, busbars etc and the use of circuit breaker fail protection are explained. The module concludes with metering and monitoring including tariff metering, fault recorders, fault locators and sequence of event recorders.

Secondary Systems Module 2

This module covers manual control of the substation including interlocking, synchronising, conventional and computer control systems and point on wave control. Then various automatic control systems are looked at including auto reclose, auto close, operational tripping, automatic tap change control, automatic reactive control, frequency control and load control. The next topic is communications both within the substation and outside of it including the media used, multiplexing and digital hierarchies. Virtually all protection, control and communications equipment are digital these days so there is a brief explanation of IEC61850. The module concludes by looking at the physical and cyber security systems employed in substations.


09:30 – 09:45   Arrival and Networking
09:45 – 10:00   Welcome and Introduction
10:00 – 12:00   Secondary System Module 1
12:00 – 14:00   Tour and Lunch
14:00 – 16:00   Secondary system Module 2

Registration opens at 12noon on the 8th Feb. Please click the button below to visit the Eventbrite Registration page: 

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Travel Information

This is a face-to-face event taking place at GE Grid Solutions Stafford (St Leonards Building, Redhill Business Park, Harry Kerr Drive, Stafford, ST16 1WT). Upon arrival please checkin with reception to receive your badge before traveling through to the meeting room.

Traveling via train

Stafford train station is on the West coast main line and is accessible via Avanti West Coast, London Midlands and Virgin Cross Country Trains. Please note a taxi will be required to head across town from the train station to GE Grid Solutions building. Group taxi’s can be arranged to take multiple delegates from the trainstation to the venue. If you would like to be included in a group taxi please provide your mobile number in the registaion and a member of the NGN team will reach out to you about your travel plans.

Traveling via Car

GE Grid Solutions is easily accessed, just off junction 14 on the M6. Parking is available however it can be limited, therefore if you are planing to travel via car please ensure you identify this on your registration and provide your car registration.

John FinnPresenter: John Finn

John Finn worked initially in the Electricity Supply industry in the UK in protection, operation and maintenance and system studies. He then joined private industry working with contractors on power station and substation projects in the UK and overseas at voltages up to 500kV and as diverse as the initial 400kV supergrid for China Light and Power to project managing the power supplies for the Channel Tunnel between England and France. In his role as an in-house engineering consultant with Siemens in the UK he was involved in developing the onshore and offshore substation designs associated with offshore wind farms. He has been involved in CIGRE as Area Advisor on Substation concepts from 2002 to 2006 and convenor of working groups on “standardisation and innovation” and “guidelines for offshore substations”. He received the Technical Committee award for contributions to Study Committee B3 in 2006 and the Distinguished Member award in 2008. He was the coordinating author for the CIGRE Green Book on Substations and is currently the Secretary for the CIGRE UK National Committee