Data Science and Next Generation Communications in Electricity Networks: Event Presentations

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  • 3rd July 2023
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CIGRE UK’s conference on Data Science and Next Generation Communications in Electricity Networks, kindly hosted by Arup, took place on Friday 30th June in London.  The event featured expert speakers who discussed the latest advancements in data science and communication technologies in the electricity industry.  Attendees had the opportunity to network with other professionals in the field and learn about the latest trends and best practices.  Topics covered (see programme below for details) included: the applications of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Digital Twins, Common Data Exchange, Forecasting Analysis, the Industrial Internet of Things, Applications of 5G, Future Communications Systems and last, but not least, Cybersecurity.  

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Conference: Topics, Speakers & Presentations


  • CIGRE Study Committee D2: Thomas Charton, CIGRE UK Regular Member (Information Systems & Telecommunications) – CIGRE D2 Overview and Keynote


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