CIGRE UK NGN Young Members Showcase | Presentation & Videos

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  • 19th March 2024
YM showcase 2024


The CIGRE Paris Session is a leading international event in the power industry, gathering worldwide experts to discuss and learn about the industry’s future. CIGRE Session 2024 will take place from 25th August to 30th August 2024 at the Palais des Congrès in Paris. It provides delegates the chance to showcase the latest solutions across the whole value chain, from generation to distribution.

As part of the CIGRE Session 2024 in Paris, the Young Member (YM) showcase is a unique opportunity for young professionals to present their work to leading experts from all around the world. Representatives will be selected for nomination by assessment of a full technical paper and presentation competition. Those selected will be funded to attend the session.

The CIGRE UK NGN Committee invited six shortlisted candidate giving a short virtual presentation to a panel and audience of CIGRE UK members.  You can see the recording of each presentation below and click on the titles to review and download each presentation.

1. Impact of Cellulose Degradation on Space Charge Dynamics and Conductivity of Synthetic Ester Liquid-Impregnated Kraft Paper InsulationMr. Abdelrahman Alshehawy

2. Phased Approach to MTDC: Proposed integration of DC Circuit Breakers in a DC Switching Station facilitating a partially selective protection scheme Mr. David Devoy

3. Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Cathode Spots Formation and Contact Erosion in Vacuum Circuit breakersMr. Haonan Yang

4. The Utilisation of Bus-Section Reactors to Increase Distribution Network Hosting Capacity: Challenges and RecommendationsMr. Mark Kent

5. Potential for GW-scale Substations Volume Reduction Moving from HVDC to MVDC using Superconducting Cable TechnologyMr. Sebastian Neira

6. Refurbishment Strategies and Considerations for HVDC StationsMs. Sunyoung Lim