Dealing with Stress & Anxiety in Uncertain Times – An Online Webinar

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  • 28th September 2020
Stress and Anxiety at Uncertain Times

Have you ever…

  • Over-thought a decision?
  • Over-reacted to a situation?
  • Felt nervous?
  • Beat yourself up for making a mistake?
  • Felt stressed?

If you have answered yes to any (or all) of the above, you are in good company. Try everyone.  But do you know why you experience unwanted thoughts, feelings and behaviours; and what you can do about it?

In this 90 minute webinar, we are working with chartered psychologist Dr Robbie Anderson of Chimp Management Ltd to explore the science and practical management of stress and anxiety.

Attendees will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn why and how the brain reacts to uncertainty by creating worry and stress responses.
  • Explore practical approaches for dealing with stress and anxiety.
  • Ask or listen to questions answered by an expert in this field.

For people who already feel in a great place, this session could be a great opportunity to consider how you can further support the health, wellbeing and success of others.



14:00 – 14:05: Introduction (Dr. Biljana Stojkovska: NG ESO & Chair CIGRE UK Women’s Network)

14:05 – 14:07: Objectives and delegates reflecting on personal sessions goals (Facilitator: Dr Robbie Anderson – Chimp Management)

14:07 – 14:17: Insight from neuroscientific research (Facilitator: Dr Robbie Anderson – Chimp Management)

14:17 – 14:23: Breakout activity

14:23 – 14:33: Debrief of activity (Facilitator: Dr Robbie Anderson – Chimp Management)

14:33 – 14:38: Accept, Move on, with a Plan

14:38 – 14:46: Breakout activity

14:46 – 14:56: Debrief of activity (Facilitator: Dr Robbie Anderson – Chimp Management)

14:56 – 15:00: Two different ways of approaching uncertainty (Facilitator: Dr Robbie Anderson – Chimp Management)

15:00 – 15:08: Breakout activity

15:08 – 15:18: Debrief breakout activity (Facilitator: Dr Robbie Anderson – Chimp Management)

15:18 – 15:21: Summary (Facilitator: Dr Robbie Anderson – Chimp Management)

15:21 – 15:30: Q&A (Facilitator: Dr Robbie Anderson – Chimp Management)


This event will be delivered via Zoom.

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Speaker Profile’s

Dr Robbie Anderson

Robbie-Anderson-Profile-pictureRobbie is a British Psychological Society (BPS) Member Status Psychologist and has consulted with Professor Steve Peters, founder of Chimp Managment, for over a decade.

His résumé includes, amongst others: Professional and Olympic athletes, TV Personalities, Blue-Chip Executives and Global Organisations.

With experience of consultancy in Europe, the Middle East, and America, Robbie believes that people have huge potential and demonstrates a real passion for helping them to unlock their talent, improve their performance and to achieve successful outcomes in extremely challenging environments.

Robbie works with a collaborative style, building relationships and offering expert insights into the psychology of human functioning and performance.

Chimp Management is a consultancy group workingin Olympic sport, corporate, business, healthcare and education to help people be happy and successful through gaining insight and emotional skill.


Dr Biljana Stojkovska

3246-0306-533x800-300x300Technical Manager Offshore Coordination, NG ESO | Innovation Manager, National Grid ESO

National Grid ESO Innovation Technical Manager Dr. Biljana Stojkovska is an esteemed figure in the energy revolution with one of the most transformational projects that the energy industry has seen. The project is called Power Potential and Dr. Stojkovska is leading a multidisciplinary team that is pioneering a whole system approach to connect additional renewable energy in a new regional reactive power market trial. This trial is expected to improve interaction between National Grid’s Electricity System Operator, Regional Electricity Distributors and Renewable Energy Generators connected to the distribution system to create a cost- effective new revenue stream for embedded generators and give greater robustness to the power system.

She is also Technical Manager for Offshore Coordination leading a team who is working on expansion of the offshore network. The overall aim is to achieve the most economic and efficient network solution on offshore coordination with emphasis on reducing the environmental impact on the onshore landing points to meet government green future objectives for offshore wind in 2030 and 2050.

Biljana is a Charted engineer, Fellow of the IET and Founder and Chair of the CIGRE UK Women’s Network. She is a skilled communicator, experienced in presenting at international conferences, collaborating across multiple sectors and government regulatory bodies.