CIGRE UK Technical Webinar – Wednesday 14th July 2021

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  • 12th July 2021

HV Cable PD Monitoring – identifying faults before they become failures.

This webinar will be introduced by Dave A Roberts and feature subject matter experts from Collective Member, EA Technology, talking about real-life examples of using HV cable partial discharge monitoring techniques for fault identification in both electrical utility and industrial systems.

The presentation will be split into three areas as follows:-

Online cable assessment (Ramiz Ahmed)

  • Why PD assessment of cables is relevant against common defects
  • What PD is and how is it measured on cables
  • What does it mean

Advanced analytics (Evgeniya Kalinnikova)

  • How intelligent algorithms can provide scalability and consistency in approach
  • Why it’s important to know the makeup of the network (differences XLPE/paper-lead and the blend thereof)
  • How sophisticated severity assessments (using more than just PD amplitude) helps to prioritise action

So what (Stuart Aird)

Two real life examples on how customers have acted on cables flagged as having high severity

  • Case study 1: Replacement: fast replacement, Continuous monitoring
  • Case study 2: Nursing: continuous monitoring, strategic spares

and touching on how forensic investigation was a key feature in proving what was predicted in both instances.


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Speakers include:

 CIGRE UK Technical Webinar - July 2021 image

Dave A Roberts

A Chartered Engineer and Fellow of the IET, Dave has over 19 years of experience in the sector with an active history in innovation, asset management and the decarbonisation agenda. Today he is responsible for commercial development and the scale-up of all EA Technology’s products and services, implementing the outputs of innovation into a global market. He has a track record in international business development, and was pivotal in creating, bidding and delivering several key innovation projects including the UK’s largest grid / electric vehicle trials. Dave is a member of the Ofgem/BEIS Smart Systems Forum and IET’s Energy Policy panel. He also represented the CBI’s Regional Council from 2016-19.