CIGRE UK Technical Webinar – April 2021

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  • 2nd March 2021
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Cybersecurity and resilience in power system substations

An Online Technical Webinar

Wednesday 14th April 2021 | 12.30 to 13:30


Cyberattacks to infrastructure systems motivated National Grid and the University of Manchester to seek solutions, techniques and devices that could become part of comprehensive defence systems. Two projects: Cyber Resilient Electrical Substation Technology (CREST) and Cyber Security for Legacy Equipment (CSLE) are currently in motion to investigate this topic. The university houses a laboratory with protection and control devices from multiple vendors, mimicking the secondary systems of a National Grid substation. These protection and control devices are connected to a real time simulated power system. The laboratory provided a realistic scenario to evaluate defence strategies in a multi-vendor environment without risking disrupting power delivery to the population.

These projects explored the literature from basic concepts like encryption and message signing to new developments (from both academia and industry) and investigated the applicability of many solutions in a practical environment. Many tests were conducted: attack scenarios, intrusion detection systems (IDS), software defined networks (SDN), networks with enhanced security features amongst other technologies. The projects identified how to improve security with currently available technologies and mapped topics to be explored in the future.


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Speaker Profile

Dr Daniel Texidor Dantas


Dr Daniel Texidor Dantas is a post-doctoral research associated at the University of Manchester carrying out the research around the CREST project. He received his  PhD from the University of São Paulo, Brazil. Before returning to the academia, he worked as a protection and control engineer for 5 years since his graduation as an electrical engineer from the University of Brasília, Brazil.





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