CIGRE UK June Technical Webinar |Voltage Control for the Low Carbon Grid | 19th June 12:30-13:30

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  • 28th May 2024
June Webinar


About this Technical Webinar:

Compliance with statutory voltage levels is fundamental to the efficient operation of electricity systems and part of grid code. Standard methodologies for voltage control were devised and implemented long before the advent of the low carbon era at a time when power flows were uni-directional and very predictable. Important considerations relating to the use of on-load tapchangers for regulation of system voltages and the related control aspects such as operation of multiple transformers in parallel and control of circulating current, compensation for load-related voltage drops on feeders, and how to apply a standard approach across a network were well-established.

The climate emergency and resulting commitment to a low carbon future has already promoted a significant amount of change for electricity systems and related stakeholders. The decarbonisation of energy systems relies on the electrification of heat and transport which places extra burden on an already aged grid. As we experience the increasing proliferation of low carbon technology connections such as renewable energy, electric vehicles, battery storage and heat pumps, voltage control methodologies need to change to cope with a much more dynamic system.

This presentation outlines the traditional techniques for voltage control and how they need to change to face the challenges of a low carbon grid. It will show that technology already exists which can unlock grid capacity, increase network efficiency, facilitate more low carbon technologies more quickly and ultimately accelerate the energy transition, all whilst delaying network reinforcement and saving money. You will learn that whole system voltage compliance can be achieved today with available technologies and expertise. In addition, with an overview of well-known and common challenges for upgrading voltage control systems and how to overcome them, you will be presented with a comprehensive understanding of how to realise end-to-end voltage compliance for the low carbon grid.

Presenter: Jonathan Hiscock


Jon Hiscock is the CEO of Fundamentals Ltd, a family-owned UK technology business focused on voltage control solutions.

Following the award of his PhD in Physics at King’s College London in 1998, Jon started his career in software development and the application of his mathematical skills to various projects within energy and utilities and investment banking businesses.

He joined the family business as an R&D engineer and employee number four in 2004 and quickly appreciated the potential for Fundamentals Ltd. Investing time in the development of the product portfolio, industry relations and strategic partnerships, he was appointed as Director of the business in 2006 and Managing Director in 2010. Jon has applied his strong scientific background and ambitious entrepreneurship to grow the operation significantly over his 20 years’ involvement and transform it from a small family business to a professional SME business.

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