CIGRE Study Committee B1 Webinar

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  • 28th May 2021

Offshore Generation Cables Connections

– Friday 4th June 2021 | 12:00 – 13:00 BST –

In recent years the number and size of installed offshore wind farms have increased rapidly and more and larger farms are being planned. Other types of offshore generation are expected to come in the near future, such as tidal and wave energy generation. Submarine cables are and will be an essential part of this development where they are used as array cables between the generators, as export cables to connect the offshore generation farms with the onshore transmission grid and even as part of interconnections between different synchronous systems, countries or price areas. The Technical Brochure (TB) is a guide for both experienced professionals, who have worked with submarine cables (design and/or installation) for years, and for engineers with no or limited knowledge in this area. In addition, people working with consenting issues, authorities, consultants, investors, insurance companies and other stakeholders will benefit from the overview in this TB regarding challenges and possibilities in offshore cable projects.

The scope of work presented in this technical brochure includes the following main items:

  • Initial studies and consenting process
  • Choice of HVAC or HVDC technology
  • Submarine cable characteristics and cable rating
  • Cable installation
  • Cable service and maintenance
  • Export cables and array cables
  • Dynamic cables for floating generation or platforms

This webinar is presented by Christian Jensen, convener of CIGRE Working Group B1.40 and Frédéric Lesur, WG member SC B1 “Offshore generation cables connection”, and published their Technical Brochure (available from, in 2015.

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Technical Brochures can be freely downloaded by CIGRE members.


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