CIGRE SC B4 Newsletter: September 2022

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  • 3rd October 2022
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Edited by Hani SAAD, Rebecca OSTASH, Joanne HU this B4 newsletter is brimmed full of content (see below) including an introduction from Maryam Saeedifard an active B4 contributor and member of CIGRE’s Women in Energy section.

Click on this link to read/download: B4 Newsletter September 2022

Table of contents

  1. Greeting from B4 WiE Invited Guest – Maryam Saeedifard
  2. Greeting from B4 Regular Member – Hani Saad
  3. Retirement of SC B4 Member – Dr. Ting An
  4. Completed WGs and New WGs
  5. Recent Activities and Upcoming Events
  6. Updates on ongoing WGs
  7. Updates on SC members
  8. News on HVDC Projects and Status
  9. CIGRE Awards 2022
  10. Insight on new technologies
  11. Contact and Call for information