B1 New Work Update

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  • 20th September 2021
CIGRE UK B1 Work Update

CIGRE UK B1 Work Update

Friday 24th September 2021 | Online | 11:00 – 11:45

In August each year the B1 Study Committee meets to review the progress of existing Working Groups and Task Forces, and to discuss which topics related to insulated cable systems will be the focus of new work in the coming years.  In this meeting, the B1 Regular Member for the UK, James Pilgrim, will provide an update on key decisions taken at the August 2021 Study Committee meeting, including a preview of which new working groups might be launched in the 2022 year and a quick look ahead to the Technical Brochures which B1 expects to publish in the coming months.  A more comprehensive technical update across all of the active B1 working groups will be provided in the Annual B1 Technical Liaison Meeting in November.

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Study Committee B1 scope

Within its technical field of activity, Study Committee B1 addresses topics throughout the asset management life-cycle phases; from conception, through research, development, design, production, deployment, operation, and end-of life. At all stages, technical, safety, economic, environmental and social aspects are addressed as well as interactions with, and integration into, the evolving power system and the environment. All aspects of performance, specification, testing and the application of testing techniques are within scope, with a specific focus on the impact of changing interactions and demands due to evolution of the power system. Life cycle assessment techniques, risk management techniques, education and training are also important aspects.

Technological field of activity

  • AC and DC insulated power cable systems for power transmission, distribution and generation connections on land and in submarine applications.
  • Power cable systems associated with micro-grids and the integration of distributed resources


Joining the meeting

Simply register from this page and you will be sent an email confirmation that will include the details of the CISCO WebEx login. Please keep this safe as you will need this on the day of the meeting.