CIGRE UK Ambassador Programme

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  • 12th April 2024
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The Ambassador Programme

This program aims to engage individuals within CIGRE UK’s Collective membership (both Companies and Academic Institutions) and recognise them as champions/ambassadors for CIGRE. An ambassador will serve as a link between their organisation and CIGRE/CIGRE UK, promoting the benefits of engagement in CIGRE.


To qualify as an ambassador, an individual must work or study at a specific Collective organisation and be willing to undertake the responsibilities below: –

  1. Disseminating CIGRE/CIGRE UK notices, activities, and events within their organisation. Note that an ambassador will receive this information through official channels.
  2. Championing the benefits of CIGRE membership, including but not limited to, how to engage in technical Working Groups, providing guidance on accessing resources (such as e-cigre), and encouraging the submission of papers to technical sessions.

Ambassadors will be provided the support necessary to deliver their responsibilities.


Candidates interested in becoming Ambassadors can apply by completing a questionnaire. Applications will be reviewed, and appointments made by the CIGRE UK Executive member responsible for nominations. The appointments are for a two-year term.

To apply click this link:


Being part of the ambassador program offers several benefits, including the opportunity to build networks and enhance skills and expertise. Ambassadors for each Collective (Company or Academic Institution) will be recognized on a dedicated CIGRE UK web page. Contact with an ambassador can be made through an email address. Additionally, each ambassador will receive a CIGRE UK certificate of recognition for their role.


If you have any further questions or need additional information, please email