Collaboration on Energy Transition Across Boundaries: WiE Webinar

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  • 11th April 2024


CIGRE Netherlands-Women in Energy has the pleasure to invite you for the webinar Collaboration on energy transition across boundaries on the 13th of June from 8.00-11.30 BST.  Please note that the times on the agenda below are CET, one hour ahead of BST.

With the commitment to reduce CO2 emissions, we are confronted on a daily base with the challenges involved in transmitting and distributing renewable energy to our end users with a grid reliability percentage we are nowadays used to. New entrants appear in the world of power systems resulting in the necessity of new collaboration towards a jointly successful global energy transition. In this webinar Collaboration on energy transition across boundaries we will focus on the status, challenges and collaborations needed between the “old and new power system world” from a renewable energy production and system integration perspective of six different countries.

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Under moderation of the vice chair of CIGRE Women in Energy, Biljana Stojkovska, the Women in Energy chairs Neo Mapapanyane, Dilek Gursu, Ann-Sofie Bonde Mortensen, Diana van den Heuvel, and Laurie-Anne Clement Charpentier of the countries South Africa, Turkey, Denmark, the Netherlands and France will share highlights of their country being part of the “new entrants” CIGRE vision.

Aradhna Pandarum and Ebru Arici will elaborate on the status of solar and wind production in South Africa and Turkey, the status so far and the challenges ahead. Integration of hydrogen, sector coupling and climate and sustainability in Denmark, the Netherlands and France will be presented by respectively Anne Kikkenborg, who will highlight the importance of the established infrastructure of renewable energy projects in Denmark, and describe which political initiatives that have been set up or are under development aiming to support the development of future hydrogen projects.  Annemiek Asschert will show us step by step how sector integration takes place in the Netherlands and the complexity on an increasing amount of sector interfaces to be handled for which collaboration is needed more than ever.  Marcela Mantilla will complete the picture of sector integration with the status and challenges ahead around climate and sustainability in France.

Registration to this webinar is for free and we are looking forward to welcoming you. Feel free to forward this invitation to colleagues.

Please note. By registering for this webinar, participants agree to the recording and transcription of sessions and presentations. Recordings may include participant contributions such as questions, comments, and discussions. These recordings may be used for publication purposes, including articles, a conference report, and promotional materials related to the webinar.

Diana van den Heuvel

Chair CIGRE Women in Energy Netherlands

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