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  • 19th September 2022
B1 update

In advance of the annual CIGRE B1 UK Technical Liaison Meeting which is planned for later this year James Pilgrim, UK Regular Member for Study Committee B1, held a short online update to brief interested UK members on some of the key outcomes from the recent Paris Session 2022.

The meeting summarised:

* Recent publications, including new Technical Brochures

* Key updates from the Study Committee meeting

* Advance notification of potential new Working Groups and Task Forces

* CIGRE B1 UK Technical Panel update

A more comprehensive update from each active working group will be delivered during the Liaison Meeting which is currently estimated to be on the 15th November however further details on this will be announced soon.

To download the presentation click here 

Presenter: James Pilgrim

James PilgrimJames is currently Senior Lead Cable Specialist for Orsted, working across both inter-array and export cable circuits for wind farm projects around the world.  Prior to joining Orsted, he worked in cable system R&D for 13 years at the Tony Davies High Voltage Laboratory at the University of Southampton, beginning with his PhD studies in 2007.  James has commenced his term as the B1 Regular Member for the UK with effect from the August 2020 Study Committee meeting.  He has been active in B1 working groups for some years, contributing to B1.35, B1.50, B1.56, B1.64 and B1.72 working groups, as well as TF B1.84.  In addition to his activities in CIGRE, he is a Senior Member of the IEEE and has served as a Guest Editor for IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery.