CIGRE UK B4 Technical Liaison Meeting: the presentations

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  • 16th August 2021
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Review and/or download the presentation material from the CIGRE UK Technical Liaison Meeting.

B4 Study Committee Mission, Technology & Scope

Screen Shot 2021-03-23 at 12.32.19Mission

To facilitate and promote the progress of engineering and the international exchange of information and knowledge in the field of DC and power electronics. To add value to this information and knowledge by means of synthesizing state-of-the-art practices and developing recommendations.

Technological field of activity

Direct Current equipment and systems including converter technology and semiconductor devices.

Power electronics for AC systems and power quality improvement, advanced power electronics and applications.


CIGRE UK B4 Technical Liaison Meeting 2021


WG B4.89: Condition Health Monitoring and predictive maintenance of HVDC Converter Stations


WG B4-68: DC side harmonics and filtering in HVDC transmission systems – TB 811


B4.76: DC-DC Convertors in HVDC Grids and for connections to  HVDC Systems


Flexible LCC HVDC Technology


Joint WG C6/B4.37: Medium voltage DC distribution systems


WG B4.90: Operation and Maintenance of HVDC and FACTS Facilities


WG B4.87: Voltage Sourced Converter (VSC) HVDC responses to disturbances and faults in systems that have low synchronous generation