Paris Sessions 2010

CIGRE-UK NGN attended its second Paris Session in 2010.

The Paris Session of 2010 was well attended with over 10 NGN delegates.  We hosted a stand near to the registration desk so we had a lot of visitors in the first few days and as the week waned we had more and more National Committees come and visit us.  We talked with a broad spectrum of people from PhD students presenting papers to CEOs of multinational companies.  All were interested in our work and how far we had come in encouraging new members.

The Paris session allowed a lot of the NGN members to see how CIGRE works with the individual committee meetings, the WG meetings and the technical presentations.  From this a number of NGN members are now actively participating in working groups or other roles for the CIGRE body.

The NGN organised a social event, sponsored by Alstom, held at their offices in the L’Defence. This was open to young international members and was a good networking opportunity. In addition to this the NGN organised a technical visit to RTE, which was also well attended, with all the spaces being filled in the first day of registration.

It was interesting to note that we gathered approximately 20 names from around the world who wished to be kept informed of our activities.  From those 20 names and from talking to other National Committees there are now 6 NGNs or variations of that we know of in approximately 6 countries.

In summary we believe the Paris session is a vital link in introducing and encouraging NGN members to get involved.

A full account of the Session was given in a special edition of the NGN newsletter, which can be found here.