Paris Session 2018

The Paris Session in 2018 was the sixth attended by Members of CIGRE UK NGN and was the second one to hold a Young Members (YM) showcase. The purpose of the YM showcase is to act as a platform for young professionals to present their work at CIGRE Paris Sessions. It also encourages collaboration amongst international YM groups.


Young Member Event RTE France Site Tour

CIGRE Young Members were invited to attend event for a site visit on Wednesday, 29 August 2018. The tour was located in the nearest urban substation (15m walk, 1.5 km away) called “Foch”. It was an underground 225 kV substation buried under a track and field stadium. Space was limited due to hosting limitations of the tour. 24 members attended the site visit in two groups.

Other Young Members activities during CIGRE Paris 2018 including:

Young Members Forum

On Wednesday 29 August 2018, CIGRÉ’s fourth Young Member Forum was open to all CIGRÉ Members, especially Young Members wishing to contribute to CIGRÉ’s future. The Forum highlighted how Young Members would be benefiting from CIGRÉ.

Young Members Presentation Showcase

Young Members had the opportunity to present in front of an international audience in dedicated “showcase” presentation slots during the Study Committee discussion sessions.

Young Members Poster Session

Young Members presented their own posters at the YM Booth on Tuesday August 28th.