NGN Goals

  • Ensure that all engineers who meet the criteria for becoming a CIGRE-UK NGN member are aware of the NGN and of the activities and benefits of CIGRE.
  • Develop the technical knowledge of NGN members through engagement with established CIGRE Working Groups and other technical visits and activities.
  • Ensure that there is easier access to CIGRE Working Groups.
  • Ensure that NGN members regard their membership as worthwhile and would consider joining CIGRE after the subsidised membership is finished.
  • Maintain good communications both between NGN Members and CIGRE-UK and within the NGN itself.
  • To work with CIGRE-UK to make their activities more visible to all members, including potential members.
  • Assist the CIGRE-UK Executive to focus resources and energy into key issues for the next generation of T&D Industry staff.
  • To make a positive change to the current image of CIGRE.