CIGRE UK B5/D2 Technical Liaison Meeting 2022 – Presentation Material

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  • 10th November 2022
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The purpose of the meeting, kindly hosted by the University of Birmingham, led by UK Regular Members John Wright (B5) & Thomas Charlton (D2) and supported by Professor Gareth Taylor, was to provide a high-level overview of the ongoing activities in CIGRE related Study Committee B5 (Protection & Automation) and Study Committee D2 (Information Systems & Telecommunications). Technical Brochures published in the last year were highlighted, along with a status update on active Working Groups where the UK has an interest. Presentations were made around the themes of the impact of renewables on protection and the applications of data and communication to a modern power system.  Latest activities approved by the B5 and D2 Study Committees during the recent Paris Session 2022 and feedback on possible future work items, including joint D2/B5 working groups were discussed.

Presentations from the meeting can be downloaded by clicking on the links below. 


Outline Agenda:

09:00 Arrival and Refreshments

10:00 – Opening

  • Welcome & House Keeping
  • Introduction to CIGRE Study Committees B5 and D2

10:20 – Safety Moment

10:30 – Study Committee D2 activity update

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10:45 – Study Committee B5 activity update

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11:00 – Technical presentations (D2) – applications of data & communications

  1. “IEC-61850-3 Substation Hardened PC Platforms for Centralized and Virtualized Applications” : Amad Tariq – Advantech

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  1. “Fibre optic networking including advanced asset health monitoring” : Cameron Kane – exfo

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11:30 – Networking break

12:00 – Technical presentations (B5) – the impact of renewable energy on protection

  1. “Protection Issues and Challenges in Power Electronic Converter-dominated Power Systems”  : Dr Alexandre Serrano Fontova – University of Manchester
    • Voltage sags characteristics and renewable fault ride through capability standards and requirements.
    • Main power converter generation technologies and their fault ride though waveform characteristics to the system faults.
    • Protection challenges and possible solutions, including travelling wave.

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  1. “Next Generation Distance Relay For Line Protection Near Inverter Based Resources” : Venkatesh Chakrapani – GE Renewables
    • Impacts of new fault current signatures on distance protection elements.
    • Next generation distance relay with new solutions to overcome such challenges.

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12:30 – Joint D2/B5 activities

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12:45 – Q&A/AOB

13:00 – Networking Lunch

14:00 – Close Session