CIGRE Awards 2022

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  • 10th August 2022
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CIGRE awards: definition and eligibility

CIGRE grants awards in recognition of the services rendered by members. The conditions for nomination and attribution are described in the attached document:-CIGRE awards

Session 2022 Awards

Distinguished Members: 

Elizabeth Mackenzie

ElizabethShe has been involved with CIGRE since 1998 initially as part of the ABB corporate membership attending the SC12 UK liaison meetings regularly. She became an individual member in 2004 and continued to attend the SC12/A2 UK transformer liaison meetings whenever possible. She was a member of WG A2.44 for a few years, participating in several meetings, until a change of job meant that it was no longer possible to attend meetings. She has continued to attend the A2 liaison group meetings. She is currently the UK additional member for A2 since 2020. She has been very active in the A2 community in the UK and organised the A groups presentations at the AGM in 2021.

Alan Wilson
Alan WilsonHe started working in the central research laboratories of Central Electricity Generating Board (CEGB) publishing many papers in IEE and IEEE. He first attended a CIGRE Paris Session in the late 1960s. Following privatisation of the Electricity Supply Industry (ESI) in the UK his work focus changed and he became a technology manager for the work teams of transformer and cable specialist engineers. He became significantly involved with CIGRE groups and activities, particularly D1, A2, B1 and B3. He left the ESI in 1999 and became the Technical Advisor for a private Engineering Company who supported his CIGRE involvement within B3 activities allowing him to contribute to ten technical brochures For WG B3-48 (TB 858) he initiated the activity TOR and served as secretary and is currently a corresponding member of B3-61. He also contributed to the B3 Substations Green Book, published CIGRE session papers in Paris, Brazil, Japan and Romania and presented WG tutorials in Brazil and Japan. He received the SC B3 Outstanding Service Award in 2020.

Leslie Falkingham

LeslieHis history with CIGRE goes back to 1986 in Paris when as a young engineer he published a paper at the conference (Recent Advances in Vacuum Interrupter Design).  Since then, he attended the conference in Paris regularly under the GEC/Alstom/Areva Collective Membership. He became an Individual Member in 2003. Over his time with CIGRE he has tabled many questions at the Paris meetings promoting the UK point of view, and has also attended and supported NGN functions. In his main role as UK Regular Member for A3 from 2010 to 2018 he organised meetings in the UK as well as attending all of the main A3 meetings where he was active in raising many points for discussion, proposing New Work Items, and supporting new directions. He was secretary of WG A3-27 from 2013 – 2017 which published Technical Brochure 589 “The Impact of the Application of Vacuum Switchgear at Transmission Voltages” in 2017 & Electra article ELT_276_5. As a member of the UK IEC PEL-17 Switchgear Committee and also a member of the IEEE Switchgear Committee he has worked, and is still working, to promote CIGRE within IEC and IEEE.

Paul Fletcher 

Paul FletcherHe joined Working Group 23.04 of Study Committee 23 (Substations) as the UK Member in 1989 and was immediately co-opted into a Task Force which prepared a paper for the 1990 Paris Session.  [Maintenance of Substations.  Practices and Trends.  Cigre 1990, 23-101]. Since then, he has contributed to many task forces and working groups associated with GIS substations and dynamic loading of equipment contributing to six technical brochures over the period 1992 to 2010. He was the UK Regular Member to Study Committee B3 from 2010 until 2018. He is currently Convener of Working Group B3.41, Mobile Substations Incorporating HV GIS.  The final report of the Working Group will be issued in 2022 as a Technical Brochure.

Simon Neve

Simon NeveHis first involvement with Cigre was in 2000 when he co-authored a paper at the Paris session, 22-203 following work on understanding induced currents on OHL’s. He joined TAG 06 shortly after and attended many of the WG meetings in various EU locations. At this stage his employer had a Collective membership. In 2008 he took up the role of UK RM for Study Committee B2, a position he held for 8 years until 2016. He reviewed various documents over the years including TB731 for WGB2.52, He took up the role of UK Technical Committee Chair in 2015 for one year. He regularly attends the Paris sessions as well as conferences in New Zealand, Iceland & India including a trip to the 1200kV Ohl route in Bina.

Simon Ryder

Simon RyderHis first involvement with CIGRE was in 2002 attending the Paris Session as a co-author of one of the papers. In 2008, he contributed to a new working group (A2.36) dealing with transformer procurement.  Having really enjoyed the experience he became a convenor for a new working group on shunt reactors and the brochure 655 was completed on time.  He was asked by the outgoing chair of Study Committee A2 whether he was willing to be nominated as a possible successor.  He agreed and was elected as chair of study committee A2 in 2016. As chair, he encouraged working group convenors to finish their work more quickly as he was concerned that the duration of some of the working groups was putting off potential members.  He also encouraged more participation in activities from outside Europe and succeeded in promoting two Asian countries to regular member status.  The end of his period as chair was dominated by the Covid-19 pandemic, the cancellation of the Paris session for the first time since the Second World War, and the need to move most activities on-line. He also supported the A2 Green Book project and has been spending time editing the Green Book on transformer procurement.

Honorary Member:

Zia Emin 

Zia EminZia has been involved in CIGRE for more than 20 years in various working groups as member, task force leader and convener. He was the convener of WG C4.307 looking at resonance and ferro-resonance phenomena and establishing transformer energisation studies guidelines. He was a task force leader within C4.502 establishing system technical performance issues associated with long HVAC cables. He later started the JWG C4/B4.38 on network modelling for harmonic studies before moving to become the chair of Study Committee C4 Power System Technical Performance. Zia was the UK Regular Member for SC C4 from 2006 to 2014. During his Regular member role he was a member of the Strategic Advisory Group from 2010 to 2014 and convener of the Tutorials and Conferences Advisory Group from 202 to 2014. He was the SC C4 chair and a member of CIGRE Technical Council from 2016 to 2022 during which he was also the convener for the Strategic Advisory Group within Study Committee C4. Zia was also the CIGRE-UK Technical Committee chair from 2016 to 2018.

Zia received the Technical Council Award from SC C4 in 2013 and was also bestowed with the Distinguished Member Award in 2014.