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April Webinar: The use of robotics in assessment and maintenance of overhead lines

Wednesday 3rd April 2019 | 12.30 to 13.30

Strategic assets such as electricity transmission grids must be operated in a safe, predictable and reliable way. To do so, best practices in the operation and maintenance of transmission networks must evolve to respond to the changing context of pressured grid operators: operation and maintenance standards, laws and regulations, increasing loads, commercial exchanges, etc.

Currently, live-line work is of paramount importance for most maintenance operations, and the need to maintain system availability is a key factor in the introduction of robotics in this field. In order to maintain or increase the reliability of ageing overhead transmission lines (OHTLs), new maintenance techniques are becoming available to assess and diagnose the condition of various OHTL components. Line inspection and maintenance already benefit from developments in mobile robotics, which can reduce the potential risk to maintenance crews (e.g. live work), reach hardly accessible spans (e.g. river crossings), perform tedious labour faster, and decrease costs.


Speaker: Simon Neve

Simon has been working in the Power Industry for over 25 years designing and developing equipment and techniques for the design, construction, installation and maintenance of high voltage networks.  Whilst working for a major UK contractor Simon was elected as Technical Expert to represent the UK industry on a number of external committees such as the BSI, Energy Networks Association and Cigre.  This work included the production of various British Standards some of which have been converted into an IEC which Simon co-authored. Simon’s work in the UK was heavily focused towards supporting activities for National Grid projects.  Simon spent many years working alongside electrical experts to understand the effects of close coupled induced currents which lead to the development of specialist installation equipment, test methods, and the production of the industry specific documentation.  This also lead into the co-authorship of Simon’s first Cigre paper in 2000 and his expertise have been recognized worldwide preparing research/feasibility studies in the US, Saudi Arabia, Australasia, India and numerous European countries.  Simon continues to supports a wide range of projects for many utilities providing new asset management techniques as well as promoting innovative solutions to the Electricity supply industries worldwide.  As an independent consultant Simon provides specialist innovative solutions to clients such as TSO’, DNO’s Contractors, Consultants and product/equipment suppliers.

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