WNUK Events

2020 events

2020 event are 3-hour events (except the final session of the year which will be a full day event):

  • 1-hour will be fully focused on a topic related to the decarbonisation goal
  • 1-hour will be specially dedicated to growth of our soft skills
  • 1 -hour will be dedicated to networking

All soft skills sessions in all four events will be delivered by Robert Kahn (LeaderLike You! https://www.leaderlikeyou.com/) to bring continuity to our soft skills development journey.

Event 1

Theme: Challenges we are facing in achieving zero carbon system operation

Date/venue: 11th March 2020, 15:00-18:00, NG ESO Warwick

The subject of this event is Zero Carbon System Operation with a soft skills workshop focused on presentation skills, emotional awareness and communication skills. For further information about the programme and speakers click here,  and to register for this event click here.

Event 2

Theme: Future clean technologies, learning from other sectors

Date/venue: 18th June 2020, TBC

The event will explore clean technical solutions available today. Details TBC.

Event 3

Theme: How to accelerate cities decarbonisation?

Date/venue: Mid October, 3-hour event, TBC

The event ambition is to gather insight from major EU cities, construction and e-mobility industry players alongside energy experts. Details TBC.

Event 4

Theme: TBC

Date/venue: Full day event, TBC

A whole day CIGRE Women’s Network Summit. Details TBC.

Journey to Zero Carbon Energy Systems

IET Savoy, London, 7th November 2019

“Journey to Zero Carbon Energy Systems” was the sixth event organised by the CIGRE Women’s Network UK (WNUK) Steering Committee (SC) since the establishment of the Network in 2016.

The event on 7 November 2019 at IET Savoy in London was kindly sponsored by Capita Consulting and National Grid ESO. More than 60 delegates attended the event, representing a diversity of age and gender, and widespread backgrounds, including utility services, equipment suppliers, consultancies, professional institutions and academia.


The event highlighted that carbon dioxide reduction is an issue not only in national infrastructure but also for all engineering businesses. The theme of the event focused on the ways in which carbon emissions can be quantified and managed by professionals during design, planning, operation and maintenance of networks. The speakers focused on actions supporting professional and personal development, with the use of technology to complement professional behavioural strategies that will eventually provide direct impact upon carbon emissions.

The combination of clean energy sources with new emerging technologies will materially change the relationship of society with energy. With an ambition to achieve zero carbon energy systems, we will need to overcome a wide range of challenges, change the way of working and transform our own roles. In order to succeed, our energy industry will need to work together, where all industry stakeholders have a common mission.

This latest WNUK event combined three keynote speakers and three workshops to deliver an exciting and stimulating day for delegates.

The event was opened by Dr Biljana Stojkovska, Innovation Manager at National Grid ESO and Chair of the CIGRE WNUK, followed by a presentation by Chris Cartwright, Head of Utility at Capita Consulting.

Keynote speaker Dame Fiona Woolf, former Lord Major of London, gave an inspirational talk on the context of zero carbon networks and how the potential for deep cultural change is powerful enough to generate major societal change in the energy domain.

Adam Middleton, Managing Director of Siemens Netherlands (Gas & Power Division) and Chair of CIGRE UK, and Diana Van Den Heuvel, Corporate Account Director at Siemens Netherlands and Vice Chair of CIGRE Netherlands, delivered an engaging workshop on the deep challenges of delivering a zero carbon energy life style. The workshop aimed at providing delegates the opportunity to discover how they can personally contribute to zero carbon energy systems, both professionally and through their personal lives.

An interactive question and answer session and a networking break closed the first part of the event.

The second part of the event was a thought-provoking presentation from Lily Coles, Commercial Operations Director at Anesco, on current and new technologies needed to create zero carbon energy systems, with a case study of the UK’s first subsidy free solar farm.

Ayssar Hanza, Risk Engineering Director at ACE Energy Group, led an interactive session around future technologies.

The last session was opened by Anne Wilson, Head of Careers at University of Warwick, who delivered a talk on the need for future skills.

This was followed by a workshop lead by Dawn Hurst from EA Inclusion. The workshop focused on different traits, values and behaviours required for a future success in the low carbon energy industry and challenged our personal behaviours around the need for change. The session was eye-opening around what constitutes the level of personal change required to deliver a Zero Carbon Energy landscape.

In concluding the event, it was clear that the industry faces a range of deep and material changes if Zero Carbon targets are to be achieved within the political timeframes. Much remains to be done.

CIGRE WNUK is committed to creating empowerment environment for women in energy sector, deliver inspiring events and creating a strong community where women can help each other.

The event presentations can be found here and the event photos can be found here.

Women in Engineering and Science

Imperial College London, 7th March 2019

Dr. Biljana Stojkovska, the Chair of CIGRE Women’s Network UK was invited to give a presentation to the students at the Imperial College London during the day of “Women in Engineering and Science”. She joined Nina Skorupska, Chief Executive at Renewable Energy Association, and Tatiana Ustinova, Innovation Team – Technical Workstream Lead at UK Power Networks, for evening talking about their career experience in male dominated energy industry.


Energy Digitalisation and How to Build Resilience

Accenture Office, London, 6th November 2018

One more event stand out from CIGRE WNUK Steering Committee with an innovative agenda that combined high level talks on Energy Digitalisation and offered a professional workshop on How to Build Resilience.

CIGRE WNUK supports and actively promotes diversity and believes that communication is key for positive and progressive outcome in any organisation, team and business at national and international levels. The Steering Committee believes that one of the best practices to learn and improve communication gaps is to keep working on your network. Hence, CIGRE WNUK keeps working on developing strategies and organising networking events for career development and support to our members.

The event was kindly hosted by Accenture on the 6th of November 2018 in London. Around 50 delegates attended the event. The delegates represented a diversity of age and gender, and widespread backgrounds such as utility services, consultancy, professional institution and academia.

The event was opened by Dr Biljana Stojkovska, Innovation Manager at National Grid ESO and Chair of the CIGRE WNUK, and Adam Nicholas, Managing Director at Accenture. The opening was followed by the keynote speaker Heather McCusker, CEO of CHiME IT Software, who gave an inspirational talk about her career journey and highlighted the ways she embraced to overcome the challenges she has been facing in her career.

Ditalisation Event Atmosphere

The Energy Digitalisation panel aimed at providing delegates the opportunity to discover what lies ahead in the changing energy landscape in energy digitalisation and what new trends are coming our way. It was evident from the discussion that energy sector is undergoing a “chaotic revolution” where diversity of thoughts and views will play crucial role. Four panellists presented well oriented subjects on the topic:

  • Rob Hopkin, Managing Director at Accenture, described ‘’What is Energy Digitalisation, impact on energy system and consumers’’
  • Mark Borrett, CEO of Reactive Technologies, gave an ‘’Insight related to and ongoing project on Energy Digitalisation”
  • Linda Chandler, Smart Cities Advisor – Energy System Catapult, outlined ‘’What lies ahead and career opportunities in transition to Energy Digitalisation’’
  • Claire Spedding, Head of Business Development at National Grid ESO, talked about the ‘’Place of woman in Energy Digitalisation transition’’

An interactive questions and answers session and networking lunch closed the first part of the event.

The second part of the event was an interactive three-hour workshop for a growth of personal resilience. The workshop focused on strategies for building the resilience to evolve wellness, growth and performance in day to day life. The combination of role playing, engaging videos and a case study helped the delegates to develop personal tactics and use mindfulness to re-set resilience. The main topics of the workshop were aimed to:

  • Explore the relationship between pressure, stress, performance and resilience
  • Gain an overview of the four cornerstones of resilience
  • Look at the importance of personal values for resilience
  • Explore strategies to develop their bounce back mind set
  • Create a personal action plan for improved resilience

CIGRE WNUK is open to new ideas and approaches that can support females in the energy sector, upskilling its members and promote diversity.

Engineering in Women

CIGRE Paris General Conference, 30th August 2018

“Engineering in Women” session chaired by Dr. Biljana Stojkovska, the Chair of CIGRE Women’s Network UK. Please click the image below to see the presentation.


A Smart, Decentralised System

TLT, London, 16th November 2017

Invited panellist dr. Biljana Stojkovska, the Chair of CIGRE Women’s Network UK. The event was hosted by Entrepreneurial Women in Renewables (EWiRE).

Standing out with Confidence

Radisson Blu Edwardian, Kensington, London, 7th November 2017

Please click the image below to find out more about the event.

7. 7 Nov 2017

Inclusion and Diversity Week: Leading with Success

National Grid House, Warwick, 29th September 2017

Invited panellist dr. Biljana Stojkovska, the Chair of CIGRE Women’s Network UK. The event was hosted by National Grid.

Career Planning

Mott MacDonald, London, 27th February 2017

Please click the image below to find out more about the event.

4. WNUK 27 Feb

Mentoring and Networking Workshop

ABB, Stone, 15th September 2016

Please click the image below to find out more about the event.


Celebrating Female Leadership

CIGRE Paris General Conference, 25th August 2016

Please click the image below to see the presentation by Dr. Biljana Stojkovska, the Chair of CIGRE Women’s Network UK.


How to Build Your Networks

Manor Hotel, Birmingham, 27th April 2017

Please click the image below to find out more about the event.


Please click the image below to see the event presentation.

How to build your networks

Launch of Women’s Network CIGRE UK

Warwick Business School, Warwick, 14th March 2016

Please click here to hear about the launch of the CIGRE WNUK.