Technical Posting: Primary Networks Power Quality Analysis

iHost PQ example

WPD Tracking Power Quality with a New Monitoring Platform

James King recently delivered a monthly technical webinar that ties in with Study Committee C6 activities, specifically WG C6.36 on DER bench marking models.

Over the coming years, increasing numbers of power electronic focussed low carbon technologies (LCTs), such as inverter-interfaced generation and Electric Vehicles (EVs) are expected to connect to GB distribution networks which will have impacts on the network power quality (PQ). Western Power Distribution (WPD) are undertaking the Ofgem-funded   “Primary Networks Power Quality Analysis” (PNPQA) project to better understand the current and future impact of LCTs PQ within their “primary” distribution networks.

The project includes a widescale trial of communicating PQ monitors and a central platform for collecting, hosting, and analysing PQ data. The central platform is vendor-agnostic and is able to transparently handle data obtained from different manufacturers’ PQ monitors. Multiple features are available to streamline PQ analysis tasks such as:

  • Visualisation of PQ data trends over time and on aggregate.
  • Presentation of PQ data as a heat map.
  • Viewing of fault/event recordings (e.g. COMTRADE).
  • Built-in analysis tools for reporting including EREC G5/5 assessments and EN 50160 compliance reports.
  • Dashboard of PQ and monitor status, including a map view.

To visit the project details:

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