CIGRE C4 Liaison Meeting

Power system stability challenges and solutions towards a zero-carbon future

This C4 technical event held in conjunction with the C4 liaison meeting aims to bring together key speakers to present this subject and present ongoing CIGRE C4 working group work.

There is no doubt that power system stability behaviour and the challenges introduced due to the displacement of conventional generation to more power electronics based generation in the UK electrical grid is posing not only interesting but important questions for a zero-carbon future. Hence, this became the theme for the one day event with invited industry speakers to share their insights and discuss ongoing work in this area.

In addition, some of the ongoing work by C4 working groups will also be presented alongside this event. The invited speakers from manufacturers, utilities and academia will hopefully give a broader insight into transitioning to a zero-carbon future.

The University of Manchester is kindly providing the venue for this meeting.  There is a modest charge per attendee towards the cost of lunch and refreshments.

 The following topics from industry speakers will be covered:

  • Operation of GB system at zero carbon– NG ESO perspective from NG SO end – speaker is Dr XiaoYao Zhou, Technical Policy Manager, NG ESO
  • Challenges for Plant Insulation in Emerging DC Network– Professor Simon Rowland, University of Manchester
  • HVDC and FACTS in NG transmission – technical merits and challenges– Dr Afshin Pashaei, NG TO
  • A Transmission Owner’s Perspective on Stability in a Low Carbon System– Colin Foote, SPEN
  • Cost-effective regional fast frequency services when inertia is sparse– Mr Douglas Wilson, GE Renewables
  • Practical experience of operating a Grid Forming Wind Park and its Response to System Events– Dr Andrew Roscoe, Siemens Gamesa

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