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NGN Section Events

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Wind Energy photo-C

CIGRE NGN Joint Wind Energy Webinar
Wednesday 17th June 2020
14:00 – 16:00 (BST) 

In 2019, 60.4 GW of wind energy capacity was installed globally, a 19% increase from installations in 2018 and the second-best year for wind historically. Total capacity for wind energy globally is now over 651 GW.  So how can we exploit the full potential of wind energy?

The speakers/topics are: –

  • Professor Vladimir Terzija, “Smart Frequency Control in Power Systems with a High Penetration of Nonsynchronous Generation”.
  • Dr Xianxian Zhao, “Fast Frequency Support from Wind Turbine Systems by Arresting Frequency Nadir Close to Settling Frequency”
  • Dr Peter Wall, “Identifying scarcities on the All Island system in 2030 – perspectives from EU-SysFlex”
  • Tolulope Mayomi, “The opportunities of dynamic line rating for overcoming curtailment challenges”

In light of the current global situation, the CIGRE UK and CIGRE Ireland Next Generation Network (NGN) committees have come together to create their first joint, online webinar on the topic of Wind Energy.  Please note that the webinar is free and open to all members, however, registration from NGN members will be considered first if the numbers exceed our hosting capacity.

The event will be hosted via an Online Conference Platform. Please sign up to the Eventbrite page and you will receive the link and detailed agenda by email.


Update on Paris Session

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CIGRE announces a reorganisation of its 2020 signature Paris event into a digital e-session in 2020. Our planned in person August 2020 event offering ‘the leading global event for sharing power system expertise’ is now scheduled for August 2021 as a special Centennial Session, with similar format as previous Sessions (e.g., plenaries, tutorials, poster sessions, technical exhibition).

CIGRE, formed in 1921, will celebrate its 100th Anniversary in 2021 with this Centennial celebration held at our Palais des Congrès venue in Paris, France and will run from Friday 20th August to Wednesday 25th August 2021.

For our e-session 2020, in late August and early September, CIGRE will offer critical content from the 2020 Session digitally as part of our CIGRE Academy. At a time when professionals need access to the latest thinking from our worldwide community, we consider this e-session vital. We will use our successful CIGRE Academy webinar technology to deliver this timely event in digital format.

From an historical perspective, our great family of CIGRE endured a Session in 1939 whereby “heavy storm clouds already threatened the world.” [Quotes from 1946 Opening Session by Ernest Mercier, the President of CIGRE from 1933 to 1948]. “They burst with the implacable fury of a world-wide cataclysm.”  For CIGRE’s 25th Anniversary, delegates called for a great Paris Session in 1946. President Mercier continued…

“you have eloquently answered by easily beating all your previous records, for today there are 950 (delegates) registered, thus showing your impatience to resume those trusting and warm contacts of which you had established the tradition, like the members of a single great family dispersed all over the globe.”

With current storm clouds from pandemic beginning to clear in 2021, it is in this tradition we will mark our Centennial with a once in a lifetime event. We mourn those who have been impacted by this deadly Covid-19 pandemic, but CIGRE must endure as the foundation for power systems world-wide. We call on all of our community and the wider industry to join us for this seminal event.
In May, we will be releasing more details on the 2020 e-session and the 2021 Centennial Session. Then ultimately, full programme details will follow.  The detail will include an overview of content, options for those who have registered for 2020, and special offers for registering for both the 2020 and 2021 Sessions. We will also outline the plans and background thinking for future Sessions.

Our great family of CIGRE offers our good wishes for everyone in these troubled times.