Benefits of Joining CIGRE

CIGRE is a world-wide organisation whose aim is to develop and disseminate technical knowledge in the fields of power generation, high voltage transmission and some aspects of distribution of electricity. It provides an interactive forum that brings together key players, research workers, producers, manufacturers, system operators, traders and regulatory bodies. It also enables exchanges of technical information and experience and provides information to members on the state of the art and innovation in specific areas.

As a professional Engineer, organisation or academic institution actively engaged in these fields, you will benefit from joining CIGRE in a number of ways:

  • You will ensure you are at the heart of the latest developments in the fields of electrical power engineering and technology
  • You will interact with colleagues world-wide in your areas of interest and thereby gain from their experience
  • You will be kept informed of what is going on in your industry via a whole range of communications media
  • You will also have the opportunity of participating in Regional meetings, Symposia and the main biennial conferences held in Paris where pre-determined themes are debated and which is attended by over 2,000 delegates.

CIGRE is a dynamic organisation sustained by 16 Study Committees and a large number of Working Groups. In view of its world-wide nature, there are some 50 National Committees which act as local focal points for national members. In the UK we have CIGRE-UK which organises UK activities and interfaces with the Central Office in Paris.   Other more specific benefits of CIGRE Membership are:

  • Participating in and influencing activities of Study Committees and Working Groups through membership, The UK seeks to be represented on all Study Committees
  • In the UK, attending Liaison Meetings of the Study Committees and participating in “Shadow” Committees/Working Groups
  • Receipt of the bi-monthly Electra journal which publishes Technical Reports and invited articles of special interest
  • Access to a Membership Directory on CD-ROM to assist in setting up business and professional contacts
  • Through the main CIGRE website and the Study Committee websites, you will be continually updated on activities and events. CIGRE-UK has its own website as well.
  • As a CIGRE member you will be able to attend the CIGRE-UK Annual Meeting and the biennial General Assembly in Paris thereby contributing to the governance of our organisation. We send representatives to all the main CIGRE Committees which make decisions on the governance of CIGRE and you can influence policy through our representatives
  • Finally you will benefit from reduced registration rates for CIGRE events, the main biennial Sessions and Symposia; you will also benefit from reduced prices for technical documents. Applicants to join CIGRE who are under 32 years of age will benefit from only having to pay half the annual membership rate.
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