Join a Working Group


CIGRE UK actively encourages expressions of interst in joining new/ existing Working Groups. This page seeks to guide prospective members through the (simple!) process.

Step 1. See list below of all Study Committees – click on the Study Committee of interest in order to see which Working Groups are currently active

If you are in any doubt about the work of a Study Committee, each Study Committee publishes a Strategic Plan which gives an overview of their work and emerging themes which you can also access via the links below.

Step 2. Click here to navigate to the page which contains a list of e-mail addresses of the UK Regular Member for each Study Committee.   E-mail the Regular Member who represents the Study Committee to which the Working Group of interest belongs expressing your interest.   In the unlikely event that you do not receive a reply promptly, please contact the CIGRE UK Secretary who will contact the Regular Member on your behalf (such a situation could arise if your e-mail is incorrectly identified as “spam” by the internet service provider of the Regular Member).

The Terms of Reference of Working Groups reporting to each Study Committees of CIGRE can be accessed using the links below: