Paris Session 2020


Call for Papers: 48th Paris Session 23rd to 28th August 2020

Information on how to submit papers for inclusion in the 48th Paris Session to be held from 23rd to 28th August 2020 can be accessed by clicking on the link below

When you click you will see the contents of a zip file but you cannot access the files until you have downloaded it.   It contains the following files.

  • 2020 Session Papers General Process (pdf)
  • 2020 Sample Synopsis Page (Word)
  • 2020 Sample Synopsis Page (pdf)
  • CIGRE 2020 Call for Papers (pdf)
  • Programme for paper prep (pdf)

The paper must be associated with a Preferential Subject of one of the Study Committees and these can be found in the file CIGRE 2020 Call for Papers.

It is therefore important that you study these Preferential Subjects and decide which of these your paper will address.  Papers must address only one Preferential Subject.

Prospective Authors should send to UK National Committee (CIGRE-UK Secretary – an Indication of Intent defining the preferential topic and subject for a paper with a short summary of the proposed content.

At this stage there is no defined format (you do not need to use the formal synopsis format included as a sample page in the zip file, this will come later).  However, you should indicate if there are to be any overseas authors contributing to the paper.

The file name should commence with the Study Committee Number and Preferential Subject number followed by the author’s name and brief subject. (e.g. B3PS2-Finn-optimising life of assets).

Please submit your Indication of Intent to me by no later than 24th February 2019 and you will be advised whether or not this has been accepted for development to a formal synopsis by 17th March 2019.

The presentation from the webinar Guidance on Preparing a Paris Session, held on Friday 27th January can be downloaded by clicking:  Guidance on Preparing a Paris Session PaperRevMA-jsf.

John Finn
CIGRE UK Secretary