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WNUK Networking Event

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Cigre WNUK aim to build a strong platform to support females in the power and energy sector. Part of the women’s network at Cigre is to organise Network events in order to update Cigre members about the progress of work of Cigre WNUK and create a first-class networking group to support females in their career.
Kindly hosted by ABB Ltd, we are planning for this event to be enjoyable as well as informative and we are confident that each of you, regardless of your career level, will find it valuable. Registration is at 3pm with refreshments and a chance to meet other delegates.

The main subject of the Networking event will be mentoring and the event will close with a presentation of the networking platform and a light buffet.
Our Network aims to support its members in their career development, providing a mentoring forum for 1:1 discussion. We also provide a platform generating a unified voice on the critical issues faced by women in Engineering and hence a mechanism to get these views in front of the people whose decisions impact our careers.



Thursday 15th September 2016
3pm to 7pm

Oulton Road
ST15 0RS

To book a place:


System Technical Performance Issues Related to the Application of Long HVAC Cables

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CIGRE UK Technical Webinar Series
Session Five – System Technical Performance Issues Related to the Application of Long HVAC Cables
Presented by Dr Zia Emin
Wednesday 7th September 2016 – 12:30 to 13:30hrs

cable_prFundamentally there is nothing new in terms of the technical performance of a transmission system with long cable lines compared to one with long overhead lines. However, due to the difference in their physical properties cables have a much higher shunt capacitance value compared to overhead lines. This results in a much greater need for reactive power compensation, presence of resonances at the lower end of the frequency spectrum as well lower frequency components within transient current and voltages generated during switching events. In addition, modelling of cables, especially for frequencies other than the power frequency is more complicated and demanding in comparison to modelling of overhead lines. The use of underground cable systems while upgrading electricity transmission network has been increasing over the past decade due to various reasons. Denmark for example has unprecedented plans for underground cabling of the entire existing 132 kV and 150 kV grids as well as most of the planned new 400kV lines. As the usage of such long high voltage AC cables on the transmission level has not been common, network planners, network operators and equipment suppliers do not typically possess much experience with the technical performance of transmission systems with long AC cables nor with modelling of cables for studies on the transmission level. With this in mind CIGRE WG C4.502 was set up to formulate a practical guide for preparing models and performing studies necessary during the assessment of the technical performance of HV/EHV systems with a large share of (long) AC cables with a nominal voltage of 72.5 kV and higher. The webinar gives a brief overview of the resulting Technical Brochure as well as some information on Study Committee C4 System Technical Performance.

Dr Zia Emin is a specialist power systems engineer with many years experience in power quality and switching studies.  He has just joined PSC UK as Technical Director responsible for power system planning and analysis area. Prior to this he was with Parsons Brinckerhoff as Chief Power Systems Engineer. From 1997 to 2011 he was with National Grid working on switching transients and more extensively on power quality issues. He has substantial experience in all aspects of power system modelling and is active in many CIGRE working groups as member, task force leader and convenor within system technical performance area related to power quality and insulation co-ordination. He was the past UK Regular Member on CIGRE Study Committee C4 System Technical Performance and will take the chairmanship role of the same study committee in August 2016. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET), a Senior Member of IEEE, a Distinguished Member of CIGRE and a Chartered Engineer. Zia is also member of GEL/210/12 committee at the British Standards Institution and of WG8 in IEC SC77A. He received the CIGRE Technical Committee Award in 2013 and the Distinguished Member award in 2014.

HVAC Cables presented by     
Dr Zia Emin

Wednesday 7th September 2016
12.30 – 13.30

Online using WEBEX

If you would like to attend this webinar please RSVP to:
A link for the WEBEX will be sent the day before the webinar starts